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Aidie Palmer stood at the top of an outdoor staircase enveloped in fire and smoke

Aidie Palmer: Shaking Up The Stunt World

In his years as a stunt performer, Aidie Palmer has almost certainly made his way on to your screen having appeared in some of the most high profile titles in film and TV over the last decade. Be it No Time To Die, Doctor Strange in the Multiverse of Madness or Death In Paradise, Aidie’s wide range of expertise makes him the perfect candidate for many a role however it hasn’t all been plain sailing. Issues of factions, divisions and a lack of diversity within the stunt industry have made it difficult for Aidie to fulfil his potential up to this point but with his determination and innovative ideas, he has been shaking up the stunt world; dragging it into the 21st Century. Aidie spoke to SCTR about the problems that minorities face within the industry, the outdated attitudes often perpetuated from those in power and how to make real and effective change when there’s such resistance against it.

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