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SCTR Brand Ethos & Methodology

SCTR is a platform for the future generation of content creators.

SCTR will offer grass roots talent an access point into the industry at a time when it will be harder than ever.

SCTR content will always be original and bespoke, offering an insight into culture topics that young people will not get anywhere else – as a brand we will be focussed on the quality of content not quantity.

We will offer premium culture + lifestyle content at the same time as showcasing grass roots created stories and shining a light on emerging talent.
SCTR will consistently champion young people in front of the camera and on screen, but also importantly behind the scenes.

SCTR will host content from the culture front line not from an office, and our contributors will be passionate, dynamic, future focused and authentically positioned to comment on and create content about the key culture topics we will cover;


SCTR is a brand that wholeheartedly believes in the next generation of storytellers and will empower these creatives to strive to reach their full potential.

We as a brand, will act as a fundamental layer to support and empower talent by offering an authentic platform for new creators across multiple disciplines.

We will encourage new creatives to focus on personal + professional progress and not be deterred by industry stereotypes. SCTR will create a broad and diverse community of contributors and we will base success and measure these individuals only on the talent that they have and the quality of the work that they produce.

SCTR will include all in our community, especially creatives from underprivileged backgrounds, the SCTR platform will be an unbiased level playing field.

SCTR will host content from the emerging talent directly alongside content produced by recognized experienced contributors, we will also offer the opportunity for new creators to be mentored by one of the core SCTR experienced contributors.

When SCTR works on branded content or commercial projects we will use the grass roots database to build the production team, set case by case for each individual project and concept, always looking to invest in future talent at the same time as producing original, thought provoking and impactful creative work with our brand partners.

FTRS, will be a dedicated area of the site where we will house and host grass roots only content, so that we will build the community based purely on the quality of work.

We will then look to integrate the new contributors as consistent freelance staff who will also receive commissions for future SCTR editorial and commercial project work.

SCTR will always assist, advise and mentor marginalized creatives who struggle to get into the industry.

SCTR will disrupt but ultimately improve the creative industry, at the same time as telling compelling, emotive and ground breaking stories and producing best in class content for our audience.